What We Will Do

Phase 1 of Project Penda has been done the new classrooms are being used by the children of Moshono Primary school.

After talking with the Moshono teachers, it was decided that computer literacy should be a priority for Project Penda. We therefore developed a project that delivered 25 late-model computers to the school and installed an internet connection.  The teachers at Moshono completed an ICT training so they were ready to teach the children when the laptops arrived in December of 2012. In addition, we collected late-model laptops to deliver to the school for Christmas and donations to pay for the first 2 years of the internet contract. In addition, we twined the Moshono Primary School with the Runnymede School in Toronto, Canada with the teachers in the two schools developing educational projects that facilitated communication between the children so they could learn more about each other’s lives and cultures.

We are now looking to partner Moshono Primary School with other schools from across the globe in order to contribute to the educational programme. We are also looking for donations to facilitate the continued internet connection at Moshono Primary School.

Please get intouch if you, would like to contribute to or join the partnership.