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Good For Your Clients. is one of the largest, most trusted business directories on the web. Chamber helps more than 25MM consumers find business they can trust each year. More than 2MM small businesses enjoy the benefits of membership with, which include great exposure to potential customers, group savings and discounts through an exclusive member program, as well as dozens of other benefits to keep their businesses thriving.

Email Marketing

Do you offer deals and discounts on business products and services? Are you interested in getting them in front of our 80,000+ small business members? Our Chamber Email Partner Program is a great way to do so!

  • One Exclusive Offer Per Month’s membership base of more than 2MM small businesses is a high target affinity group for organizations with products and services geared towards SMBs. We provide Partners with the opportunity to mail to our members one dedicated offer each month. Partners are provided tracking and reporting of email campaigns including delivery, open and click through rates.

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  • Chamber Newsletter Offer Highlight

    In addition, Chamber reinforces your brand message by including your content and ad in our monthly newsletter. Through a combination of messaging and email formats, Chamber keeps your brand and message on the front of minds of small businesses that trust us for recommendations on quality products and services.

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  • One Chamber Tip Featuring Your Offer Per Month

    Chamber aligns your message with educational con- tent in our Tip of the Day emails. By positioning your brand as an expert in your category, and aligning quality content with your call to action advertisement, Chamber is able to deliver new qualified customers for your product or service.

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Content Marketing

Our Content Marketing Program helps B2B organizations expand their online presence through a powerful combination of content, search, social & email marketing opportunities across and partner sites.

  • Partner Benefits
    • We work with your team to develop an collection of high quality articles and/or infographs about your business and business category.
    • We publish bi-weekly content on the blog and promote this content to our users via social media and email marketing.
    • We syndicate content to authoritative partner sites and co-promote this content to our collective fans and followers.
    • We leverage content marketing to support your search, social, branding and customer acquisition goals.
    • Results are significant due to the diversity of high quality sites referencing your content,the diversity of social signals generated by promotion across multiple social platforms, and the evergreen nature of the campaign.
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Channel Partnership

Are you looking for new ways to provide value for your customers? By joining Channel Partnership Program you can increase the value you provide to your costumers by giving them access to the many benefits of our Chamber Membership, while also increasing your own revenue. Revenue share starting at 25% including annual renewals.

  • Offer Our Package to Your Customers - 70% Off
  • The Chamber Membership benefits include:
    • Premium Listing – Top Placement
      Get more customers for your clients with an enhanced listing, placement above their competitors and a link to their website.
    • Ads Removed from Client Profile
      Show customers a cleaner look and prevent competitors from advertising on their profile.
    • Client Ads on Competitor Listings
      Their business highlighted and promoted on competitor listings
    • Get Listed in up to 5 Additional Categories
      More exposure in Chamber’s Directory and Search Results
    • Dispute Negative Reviews
      Manage client’s online reputation with the flexibility of review dispute
    • Up to 15 photos
      Showcase more of their business with an enhanced photo gallery
    • Membership Fulfillment Kit
      OSHA compliance posters and e-kit, Affordable Care Act e-kit, online reputation report, member discount program, quarterly market research report, Chamber website trust badge and more...
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